The Problem with your limited Analyst resource:
For most companies (probably yours too), your analysts are some of the most skilled people on your team. They know some combination of statistics, data science, analytics tools, tag management, visualization, web development, public speaking, and sales.

It is no wonder analysts are often pulled in many different directions and find it difficult to keep up with all the reports, insights, and visualizations they are asked to create.

Our Solution:
A Flex Analyst gives you access to a consistent analyst to help support your business questions and the intricacies of your data. By keeping the same analyst working on your business we get to the best insights and stories faster.

You also get access to our broader team experience, so regardless of your analytics tool or question we have the expertise at MSD that will give you the answer you need.

Whether it's Adobe or Google Analytics, tag management, A/B testing, machine learning, analytics development, or data science we can provide the experience and help you need. All for the price of one analyst.
Flex Analyst Allocation and Monthly Rates
HIPAA Compliance
For those who need HIPAA compliance,
we are certified and can sign that BAA

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